George Tait House – Built in 1881

The merchant George Tait, Scottish Anglican and also speaking in French, settled in West Shefford 1860. Besides its flourishing trade, Mr. Tait will be 1864-1905 postmaster and telegraph agent . In 1881 he built this home by the contractor Wright of Waterloo. Mr. Tait held various public offices from 1870 to 1889 alderman, mayor and school trustee. In 1901, he has another batch of 70 acres (28.3 h) with houses, barns and warehouses. The wife of Fred Hayes, Catherine O. Tait, daughter of a merchant, inherit the property while her husband, William Lang associated lays next to a trade of agricultural implements.


George Tait builds a house of néopalladien style. The symmetrical design with a central body for the entry-hall and a high pavilion roof leaving drill fireplaces are the characteristics of this highly esteemed anglophone merchants mid-nineteenth century architecture. The corner stone quoins clear contrast elegantly with the darker brick veneer. The blinds applies windows right lintel used to protect heat while being an architectural ornament. Finally, the twin columns on pedestals porch create a worthy home.