Silhouettes roam

The 04/16/2014

Wander through the back alleys of the old town hand in hand with your shadow. Alone with the strass, you Will Be amazed to discover all the secrets Within the silence!

DREAM of romance!

In the good old days

The 04/16/2014

Go back to the roots with Diane Potvin, Citizen of Bromont since day one. Discover 21 Lagacy buildinds proclaims by the city and part of the historical road “The Township Trail” .
Gossips and stories of the past Will explain the present view of Bromont

DREAM of gossips!

* The Township Trail is 418 km, of legacy left by the British and American pioneers. 31 picturesque towns and villages for you to discover in the Eastern Townships!

Soul of Old Village

The 04/16/2014